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Women who cheat

February 7, 2014

Why do women cheat? Women are rather simple creatures. Don’t take much to make us happy. Text just because, flowers for no reason or a simple your hair looks nice today. However in certain areas we are more complicated. Prime example the bedroom. Women unlike men take more than five minutes to be stimulated. This is not the case all the time and not for all women. We like foreplay and being affectionate. When a man neglects a woman’s needs whether its simple attention and affection or be it sexual satisfaction; after some time she will stray. And by stray, I don’t necessarily mean have intercourse with another man but will find attention else where. A guy at work that tells her often how nice she looks everyday when she comes to work or he likes the new way she’s wearing her hair that the husband/boyfriend is yet to notice. Women don’t have to actually have sex with another person but enjoy the attention from another man. Then there’s when a man never takes the time to actually make love to a woman. Wham bam thank you man and all she is left with is a wet vagina. If he won’t slow down and satisfy her she will either find a battery powered friend that will go as long as she wants or find a man that will do what that battery powered device does. 

Women are less likely to cheat in my opinion. Well most are anyway. Like so many say you can’t make a whore a house wife. Women in my opinion tuff out the bad for so damn long to where they don’t know what good sex is anymore. Then yes at their breaking point of no attention and bad sex they turn to Kevin and let him do to her the things she is tired of waiting on from the spouse/boyfriend.

In a nutshell fuck her good, and compliment her and you won’t have a care in the world ! 

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